100 BULLETS vol 4 and FABLES vol 6 – DELUXE Editions

Vertigo has put out a lot of amazing books over the years and I for one really like the Deluxe editions. They are slightly over sized hard covers and are nice for a number of reasons. They look great on the shelf.  These are books that are getting reread a lot in our house so it’s nice to have a sturdy edition that will last a long time. They are a bit bigger so the art looks even better. The books being put out in deluxe formats are all books that are books with a big fan base and critical acclaim, these all deserve the nice formats. for me though it comes back to the fact that these editions will stand up to the constant attention they get in our home.


100 BULLETS book four covers issues 59-80 of the award winning series by Azzarello and Risso. At this point we are really starting to get a feel for the end game Agent Graves has in mind, his team is lined up, the players all appear to be on the board. Non stop action with some of  the best dialogue ever written for comics. The art work is amazing. The layout of every page is thing of beauty and the coloring really gives it a distinct look. Risso doing crime comics is such a perfect fit.

This is a great series and this is a great way to collect it.



FABLES Vol 6 by Bill Willingham and company collects issues 46 – 51 and includes the anniversary issue 50. An intro by Todd Klein who has been the letterer from day one was fun and a great look at the books.  The story is leading up to the big battle coming with the Adversary and also includes Bigby coming back home and marrying Snow White.

Some of the extras include gallery of art, the script for issue 50 and a sketchbook by Mark Buckingham.