1st season of LONGMIRE coming in May

1000362618DVDLEFWarner Home Video will be releasing LONGMIRE: The Complete First Season on May 28th. The series features the characters of Craig Johnson.

To close murder cases under open skies, he’s your man. Out of bestselling author Craig Johnson’s mystery novels strides Walt Longmire, the charismatic and unflappable sheriff of Absaroka County and the world-weary yet dedicated lead character of this spellbinding hit series. Struggling since his wife’s death a year ago and at the urging of his attorney daughter, Walt knows he must turn his life around. Aided by a new female deputy and his oldest friend, he becomes re-energized about his job and running for reelection, though an ambitious younger deputy is a rival candidate for the job. And despite the dark secrets and tangled relationships that pervade this 2-Disc, 10-Episode Season One Set, he doggedly solves the big crimes of Wyoming’s big sky country.

Special Features:
The Slow Burn: Shooting Longmire – Longmire has the unique advantage of taking place in Wyoming, but the show is technically photographed in New Mexico. The world Walt Longmire calls home and where the story takes place would not be possible without the skilled artisans behind the camera. This documentary film proves that story may start on the page, but what lands on the frame is what ultimately counts.

LONGMIRE stars Robert Taylor, Katee Sackhoff, Lou Diamond Phillips and Bailey Chase. The series does justice to Craig’s creations. If you did not see it on TV, pick this up.

SRP: $39.98