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1st week of August

This weeks pile of comics was a real winner. Here’s what I read:


Warren Ellis writes a lot. I appreciate that as I am a real fan of his work. Among other new titles he is doing for Avatar is Doktor Sleepless.
John Reinhardt is tired, tired of the way things are and the way he has been. He re invents himself as a mad scientist named Doktor Sleepless who is bringing the future to people today, but in his own twisted way guided by his own vision of what the future is.
Fans of Ellis will love this, and so will anyone who dislikes whiners and people who complain but never do anything.

Supernatural: Origins #4

The boy’s dad is still learning to become a hunter, and he’s getting better and more ruthless. This issue explores John’s past and how true his love is and gives some insight on why he is doing what he’s doing. I love the TV show and this prequel is a lot of fun and is filling some gaps. Nicely done by Peter Johnson and Matthew Dow Smith.

Countdown #39
DC Comics

Karate Kid and Dou Damsel are breaking in to speak with Oracle who othey hope can help with some answers, however Babs has her hands full with a full on cyber assault. Trickster and Pied Piper are still on the run, hiding out in Penguin’s basement and being hunted by yet another new suicide squad. Jason, Donna the new Atom are traveling with the rogue monitor. Jimmy Olson has taken to fighting crime. The book ends with the new Question and Batwoman.
I love this weekly comics idea and I’m loving countdown, each week another chapter in what is unfolding into a great story.

Detective # 835
DC Comics

Detective comics and Batman were meant to be dark. I remember reading the early early work and thinking how creepy it was. Well this latest issue by Rozum and Mandrake is right along those lines. The Scarecrow, Jonathan Crane, has taken all the abuse he plans to take and escapes Arkham Asylum, with out any of his fancy weapons, and leaving more than a few casualties behind. Batman has his work cut out for him as he puts Bruce Wayne’s love life on hold to search for the even more dangerous Scarecrow. Part 1 of 2

Black Canary #3
DC Comics

You don’t come between a lioness and her cubs, and the people screwing with Dinah’s adopted daughter are learning this lesson quick. Green Arrow and Speedy are trying to help, but this is going to be a race to the finish. Great art from a number of contributors.
This is being written by Tony Bedard and he has a nice handle on the relationship between Dinah and Ollie, and also has a real nice grip on just how bad-ass Black Canary really is. 3 of 4.

Metal Men #1 (of8)
DC Comics

Ok, I love this team. Metal Men have always been fun (except maybe in the recent Superman Batman run). Duncan Rouleau writes and draws this mini series and I love the art.It’s very modern with out being too Manga. I also love the beginning to this tale, spanning centuries, showing the very birth of the team and the origins of the good doctor. I like reading comics that are written by people who love the characters as much as I do. Metal Men rock.

Justice Society #8
DC Comics

Geoff Johns really excels on this title, his reverence for the history is obvious but it doesn’t impede his writing at all. He really brings the sense that this group is a family and that they are really the back bone of the DC Universe proper.
This issue spotlights the new Liberty Bell and how she feels about herself and her place on the team. And she DOES belong on this team, just as Johns belongs on this book. Only Geoff Johns could make a character driven comics seem like an action movie.