2008 Emmy voters choose Dexter, Damages, not The Wire.

The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences announced the nominees for the 2008 Emmys.

While Damages (FX), Dexter (Showtime) and Mad Men (AMC) all scored nominations for best Drama, The Wire‘s only consolation was a nomination for best writing for the series finale.

I must confess that while I am disappointed, I don’t feel the level of outrage that I did last year, simply because season five was, IMO, the weakest season of The Wire. Don’t get me wrong, it was still damn good television, but not getting nominated is hardly the travesty that last years snub was. The nomination for writing was fitting since the show has consistantly delivered a level of writing that has not previously been seen on television.

Now lest anyone think I have no beefs: Why was Boston Legal nominated? I am a fan of Denny and Alan, but season four was not simply the weakest of the show, but it was not even good television. The writing was lackluster and the constant cast changes have left them with unfamiliar characters with limited chemistry. This is an excellent example of the voters sticking with the familiar instead of the deserving.

BL should not have even been in the final ten, let alone honored with a nomination.

Damages not only got a best Drama nomination, but Glenn Close (Lead Actress, Drama) Ted Danson (Supporting Actor, Drama) and Zeljko Ivanek (Supporting Actor, Drama) all were nominated, and the pilot episode was nominted for writing.

Dexter saw star Michael C. Hall pick up a nomination for Lead Actor.

Before I post the nominees, I have to say I really would have liked to see The Wire get one specific nomination: Andre Royo’s performance as Bubbles was both inspiring and heartbreaking. It is a true crime that he was not nominated for Supporting Actor.

Other noteworthy nominations, as far as crime drama goes, were Holly Hunter (Saving Grace), Kyra Sedgwick (The Closer) and Mariska Hargitay (Law & Order: SVU) joining Glenn Close in the Lead Actress, Drama catagory.

Here are some of the catagories, go to the Emmy site for a complete list.

Outstanding Drama Series

“Boston Legal” (ABC)
“Damages” (FX)
“Dexter” (Showtime)
“House” (FOX)
“Lost” (ABC)
“Mad Men” (AMC)

Outstanding Comedy Series

“30 Rock” (NBC)
“Curb Your Enthusiasm” (HBO)
“Entourage” (HBO)
“The Office” (NBC)
“Two and a Half Men” (CBS)

Outstanding Miniseries

“The Andromeda Strain” (A&E)
“Cranford” (PBS)
“John Adams” (HBO)
“Tin Man” (Sci Fi)

Outstanding Made-for-TV Movie

“Bernard and Doris” (HBO)
“Extras: The Extra-Special Series Finale” (HBO)
“The Memory Keeper’s Daughter” (Lifetime)
“A Raisin in the Sun” (ABC)
“Recount” (HBO)

Lead Actress, Drama

Glenn Close, “Damages”
Sally Field, “Brothers & Sisters”
Mariska Hargitay, “Law & Order: SVU”
Holly Hunter, “Saving Grace”
Kyra Sedgwick, “The Closer”

Lead Actor, Drama

Gabriel Byrne, “In Treatment”
Bryan Cranston, “Breaking Bad”
Michael C. Hall, “Dexter”
Jon Hamm, “Mad Men”
Hugh Laurie, “House”
James Spader, “Boston Legal”

Lead Actress, Comedy

Christina Applegate, “Samantha Who?”
America Ferrera, “Ugly Betty”
Tina Fey, “30 Rock”
Julia Louis-Dreyfus, “The New Adventures of Old Christine”
Mary-Louise Parker, “Weeds”

Lead Actor, Comedy

Alec Baldwin, “30 Rock”
Steve Carell, “The Office”
Lee Pace, “Pushing Daisies”
Tony Shalhoub, “Monk”
Charlie Sheen, “Two and a Half Men”

Supporting Actress, Drama

Candice Bergen, “Boston Legal”
Rachel Griffiths, “Brothers & Sisters”
Sandra Oh, “Grey’s Anatomy”
Dianne Wiest, “In Treatment”
Chandra Wilson, “Grey’s Anatomy”

Supporting Actor, Drama

Ted Danson, “Damages”
Michael Emerson, “Lost”
Zeljko Ivanek, “Damages”
William Shatner, “Boston Legal”
John Slattery, “Mad Men”

Supporting Actress, Comedy

Kristin Chenoweth, “Pushing Daisies”
Amy Poehler, “Saturday Night Live”
Jean Smart, “Samantha Who?”
Holland Taylor, “Two and a Half Men”
Vanessa Williams, “Ugly Betty”

Supporting Actor, Comedy

Jon Cryer, “Two and a Half Men”
Kevin Dillon, “Entourage”
Neil Patrick Harris, “How I Met Your Mother”
Jeremy Piven, “Entourage”
Rainn Wilson, “The Office”

Outstanding Writing For A Drama Series

Battlestar Galactica: Six Of One
Michael Angeli, Written By

Damages: Pilot
Todd A. Kessler, Written By
Glenn Kessler, Written By
Daniel Zelman, Written By

Mad Men: Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (Pilot)
Matthew Weiner, Written By

Mad Men: The Wheel
Matthew Weiner, Written By
Robin Veith, Written By

The Wire: 30
David Simon, Teleplay By/Story By
Ed Burns, Story By