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2010, the highlights

So, I’m not going to really talk about books. Are you still here?

For those of you who are and who know us, well, you know. 2010 has pretty much BEEN THE SUCK FACE OF ALL TIME. Seriously, I’d rather go for a walk with Michael Meyer than go through this again.

Still, the Magazine has met all deadlines. We’ve sold out an initial run within two weeks of publication. Best, amongst all the sorrow and worry, Jon and I have experienced great joy this year. My thanks to everyone who’s contributed to Crimespree are heart felt. My thanks to those who’ve come out for Crimespree are great. It still amazes me every time we ask and an author just says, “Sure, when do you need it by?” or “I’ll be there, count me in. Even more amazing are those who’ve been with us these six, six!!!!! (exclamation points for Alex Segura of Archie Comics) years. An extra thanks must be delivered to brother Jeremy right now. He has helped to keep us motivated, made Crimespree Cinema a go to destination and been with us through everything.

And so I present, to you; our readers, friends and compatriots my five (not too personal for the web) moments of 2010.

“Judy turns a magic number” From the planning to the party with family it was all great. The most special moment for me? The Waterfall at the Botanical Gardens with Judy,Roseanne, Jill and Jon. A spectacular day. A peaceful visage. True friends.

“Jaxson turns two” Thrilled, thrilled to be in this boy’s life. Always. The fact that he comes with fantastic parents and grandparents who I’d die for? Extra!! (Really my favorite Jaxson moment was running through the stacks of the Muskego library during lunch at Murder and Mayhem in Muskego but we might get in trouble if I talk about that.)

In the “all about me category” I have to say the letter from my Doctor when my blood-pressure, cholesterol, and iron were rechecked after a stunning shock.He circled every result and wrote, “How the hell did you do this?” Brilliant. This was only possible because a ton of good friends kept me on the straight and narrow. Following Doctor’s orders. Who knew?

As most of you know Jon and I had our tenth anniversary within the mess of 2010. Spending part of that day with Alison & Ben? Thank you, both!

The best moment? The moment that will never be replicated again? Patricia Pederson returning to Bouchercon. That was special. That was Awesome.

There were many moments of joy and far too much sorrow in 2010. I cannot even begin to list this people gone to us now. I’ll rejoice in their memories and try to be a better person because of them. The joy was real too. The joy I will embrace for always.