A&E Home Video
Release Date: January 22nd, 2013

Originally aired on History Channel this is a documentary interspersed with re-enacted scenes. It starts post Civil War and works up to World War One, arguably one of the times in our history with the most advancements made. We see Vanderbilt rise to power, and one by one other industry giants are folded in, Rockefeller, Carnegie, JP Morgan and Henry Ford. Not all nice guys and often petty and ego driven, they did what they did because they could and it resulted in a strong America and  shaped who we are now. While often driven by the desire for power and wealth they also changed our lives on many levels. Big corporate entities today all seem to care only about the dollar. Also as part of the telling of this tale they have interviews with a large number of financial and business icons of today talking about these powerful men.

I found the whole thing fascinating and honestly, if I had had this in high school I may have paid more attention. The extra features expound on some of the things brought up in the show and are worth seeing.  It runs a total of 6 hours on three discs. and it is worth every penny.

I’ll be watching again.

Jon Jordan