5 Favorites of 2009: Angela Henry

Wall-E: Robot romance. Minimal dialogue. What’s not to love?

Taken: I love anything with kick ass action and spies, even ex spies, especially Liam Neeson as an ex spy, especially Liam Neeson as an ex spy running around Paris.

Coraline: I’m a big fan of the book and was very worried when I heard this was going to be animated. But it was creepy cool and very well done!

No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency: Heartwarming with a touch of mystery and a down to earth heroine who isn’t a size zero. A winner!

Burn Notice: See above comments about Taken and replace Liam Neeson and Paris with Jeffrey Donovan and Miami.

Angela Henry is the author of the Kendra Clayton mystery series and her blog MystNoir features African-American mysteries. http://aamysteries.blogspot.com/

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