A Borg will be on LEVERAGE plus some tibdits about the season two premiere.

THR is reporting that Jeri Ryan has signed on for a recurring role on TNT’s LEVERAGE.

She will be playing

Tara, a smart-ass, street-wise con woman whom Sophie (Gina Bellman) calls on for help and who gets sucked into the Leverage family.

Ryan is best known for her role as Seven of Nine on Star Trek: Voyager, but most recently was on SHARK.

Season two starts on July 15th, and TV Guide gives us an idea as to what we will get:

finds the gang drawn together by the sound of music. Specifically Sophie’s
appearance in a Boston staging of The Sound of Music that’s so bad one reviewer
says it “made me root for the Nazis.” We’re also treated to the spectacle of
Nate’s latest crusade almost falling into his lap but instead flipping over and
bursting into flame in front of him. Need more incentive to tune in? Parker
dresses as a nun with a garter.

Ok, color me excited.