A Few From DC

Hawkgirl: Hawkman Returns
DC Comics (trade)

Collecting Hawkgirl 57 – 60 and JSA Classified 21 and 22 this is a really nice book, from the cover art by Walter Simonson, to the gallery of covers by Chaykin. Simonson also wrote everything in here as well as doing some of the art. I’ve been a fan since his days doing the Detective Comics backup feature with Manhunter (Paul Kirk). His talent has improved with age and its really showcased here. I think this really cements Kendra as a hero in her own right, and it also adds a nice depth to her character that the team books can’t. Simonson draws on the recent crisis to have Thanagar ties to the story, and also uses Egyption lore to fill it out.
The story has Kendra returning with out Carter to Earth after fighting on Rann. She is hunted by escaped prisoners, Stalked by a mad God and chased by Starfire’s sister. And she is seeing visions of Sheira, the original Hawgirl/Woman.

Northlanders #1

Brian Wood brings his passion for the Viking period to comics. Sven is an outcast from his family and village. Upon hearing of his Father’s death he returns home to find his Uncle Gorm head of the village and also in possession of the family wealth. Sven confronts him and Gorm responds with treachery. Luckily this was expected.

Wood has done the research and I think this will be one of the hottest books from Vertigo this coming year.Davide Gianfelice does a wonderful job with the art giving it the stark and depressed look it needs while at the same time doing a wonderful rich job with the action, it’s understated and beautiful.
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The Vinyl Underground #3

The plot thickens as we discover the possible who of the plot to frame Abi’s Dad. We also learn what’s going on with the drugs. Everyone is doing what they do best to help and while things become a little more clear, things also look to become more dangerous before they are done.
I love this team that Si Spencer has put together here. Dysfunctional and yet they do really act like family. I also really enjoy his little tidbits about London thrown into the story.
Fun book, interesting book, a buy every month book.