A few minor casting additions to In the Electric Mist (with Confederate Dead)

Mary Steenburgen is indeed playing Bootsie Robicheux, Dave’s wife. Bootsie is described as “intelligent, sensual, well-read and pragmatic. She helps Dave with the bait and boat shop. She is fearful that Dave’s involvement in the investigation of these murders will fuel his dark side.

John Sayles is playing Michael Goldman, the director of the film within this film. Sayles has twice been nominated for an Oscar for his screenplays for Lone Star (Also garnered him a Golden Globe nomination) and Passion Fish. He is a very talented director that tends toward independent ensemble films.

Sayles also won an Edgar in 1990 for his television movie Shannon’s Deal.

Pruitt Taylor Vince is Detective Lou Girard. Lou is an old friend of Dave’s. Described as sort of a “run down version of Dave,” Lou finds a body that was similarly murdered to the one Dave is investigating.

Lou is very loyal to Dave and willing to risk his own life for his friend.

Vince is a character actor that has appeared in dozens of films including Angel Heart (his first real film role), Beautiful Girls, Identity and Natural Born Killers.
He won an Emmy for his guest appearance on Murder One.

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