Publisher:Amazon Encore/Brilliance Audio
Publication date: Feb 21, 2012

Mike had just gotten his life back together again after losing the woman he loved to suicide. His heart still raw, he wasn’t expecting to have it invaded by Deb, the new piercing artist. But she is soon in his heart and his apartment upstairs from the shop.

Wes Ogden came in for a tattoo. “I never wanted a tattoo.”

The tattoo artist, Mike, ushers him to the chair with a knowing smile and prepares his needles and inks. But Wes has an added request. He wants a tattoo of a baseball to remind him of his now dead son, Josh, who had loved the game. And he wants Mike to mix some of Josh’s ashes into the ink. After some hesitation, Mike complies. Sometime later another customer comes in asking for the same mix of ashes and ink. Mike develops a small but steady patronage for this side business.

The ash-augmented tattoos have a strange side effect that will soon be shattering the calm Mike has found in his life. Once inked with the essence of their dearly departed, his customers tell him how they seem to be able to connect with them; even speak to them. All of this would be strange but fine if not for the tales some of these newly dead have to share. They tell of a man in town savagely murdering young women.

These tattoo ghosts seem to be the only thread that connects them. And they are counting on Mike to bring them retribution.This is a unique and well-done tale of murder and redemption. It is told in an intimate, warm and gripping manner that allows the reader to suspend disbelief and get swept up in the story. It was a surprising and engaging read. This is only the beginning for Davis.

Jennifer Jordan