The Movement
DC Comics
Written by: Gail Simone
Art by: Freddie E Williams II
Cover by: Amanda Conner

If Gail Simone’s name is on a title you must read it. Let’s just get that out of the way. She’s pretty much the perfect comics writer. She’s taken on so many books and characters and been able to craft epics. Her fan base loves her and she loves us back. Her writing can back up that love too. “The Movement” is a prime example of Simone’s excellence in comics.

First issues can be tricky. If it’s too slow or not enough information it can lose a reader immediately. But some writers know how to grab that reader with just a snap. Simone is one of those writers. “The Movement” leads off quickly with corrupt cops committing crimes and the retribution of a group of like-minded people. Channel M. A movement. And when a sick young man becomes connected with a murderer they are the only ones that can defend him. The police come at him, not willing to listen to anything but their own quotas. We meet the Movement, and their unique talents. They are here to take care of those that have no one. Never underestimate young people with a purpose. Everyone else will. It’s a perfectly jam-packed first issue that demands you come back for more.

In just the size of one issue Simone is able to lay out the plot, introduce the characters and start to reveal the point of the series. Because this is one of those books that does have a point. Simone give us just the right amount of everything to make this issue more than worth the price. The art, thanks to Freddie Williams II, is different from many of his past works. There’s a gritty, chaotic nature past what he used to do. It adds a foreboding feel to a book bringing Simone’s storytelling to a new level. There is more to the book that the seeds of have only been dropped. It‘s impossible not to want to see where it will go. “The Movement” is a perfect addition to the New 52.