A look at the new faces for Punisher II: War Zone

The sequel to 2006’s The Punisher is looking to be completely different from the original. Not only does it have a new star, but a new director as well.

Lexi Alexander is behind the camera for this one. Lexi is a former world karate and kickboxing champion. Born in Germany, she moved to the U.S. at age 19. She spent time as a stunt double while studying film.

Her first feature film, Greenstreet Hooligans, garnered praise from critics, as well as awards from several film festivals.She previously did three shorts, including the Oscar-nominated Johnny Flynton.

The role of Frank Castle (aka The Punisher) will now be played by Ray Stevenson. Ray is Titus Pullo in HBO’s Rome, and has appeared in numerous British television shows, including Dalziel and Pascoe and Murphy’s Law, as well as having a role in 2004’s King Arthur.

On Ray as Frank Castle, Lexi said “I can’t find enough words of praise to describe this formidable actor and true Gentleman. Ray’s name came up on a list that the folks at Marvel handed me. I, shamefully, was not aware of Ray’s work so I rented the first season of ROME. It took me no longer than 5 seconds from the time Ray came onto the screen, to know that he is FRANK CASTLE. I can’t remember the last time an actor has impressed me so much with merely an expression.”

The Wire’s Dominic West has signed on to play the villain Jigsaw in the forthcoming Punisher II: War Zone. Jigsaw is a mafia assassin whose face covered in scars thus resembling a jigsaw puzzle.

Also in negotiations is Wayne Knight (Seinfeld’s Newman). Knight would play a sort of assistant to the Punisher. The character, Microchip, supplies Castle with the various implements of killing he likes so much.

Also signed is Colin Solmon as Agent Paul Budiansky. Colin will be appearing in the forthcoming The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency. He has been a regular in British television in shows such as Keen Eddie, Party Animals and Bad Girls.

Doug Hutchinson will be playing Loony Bin Jim, who is described as “a chemically unbalanced lunatic who considers the world his own private killing field and goes on a maniacal rampage.” Hutchinson played Percy Wetmore, the weaselly bastard of a prison guard in The Green Mile. He has also made appearances on Murder, She Wrote, Kidnapped, X-Files, CSI and about a dozen other shows.
There was a script review online that took Punisher to task. It was pretty negative in it’s assessment of the screenplay.
But a new review of the latest draft has come online at Collider. It is more positive and certainly gives fans of the comic some hope that this flick will turn out well.
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