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A Newbie’s Guide to Bouchercon


I have found in past years it works best to pack one smaller suitcase inside a larger one. I always seem to have more coming back than I do on the way there.

I’ve also stopped bringing books to get signed. I just don’t want to blow time standing in lines, and if I do need a signed book, I’ll get a copy there. If there is someone I never get to see I might bring a couple books….

I’ve become one of those people who figures if I forget something, I’ll get it there.

Dress comfortable:

There’s a lot to be said for comfy shoes and fresh socks. One dressy outfit just in case should cover it.

Also, for the most part you don’t really go outside much. So extra clothes to be warm takes up room. Of course this may change in Alaska…

Do some checking ahead of time:

What does shipping stuff home cost? Can you do it somewhere besides the hotel?

Find cheap food or different food near the hotel.

Check out transportation ahead of time, buses, cab fares Etc..

Things you might not think about:

Rock Star Energy Drink baby!


Extra coffee

Carry a pen with you, you never know when you’ll need it

Business cards save time writing down your email address

Don’t try and do everything. You’ll go crazy. Besides some of the best stuff isn’t on the schedule.

Like sitting down to breakfast and being next to a favorite author, meeting new friends and going out to lunch, things like that.

And remember. you can sleep when you get home!

any other tips? I’m all ears.