A SECOND CHANCE AT MURDER by Diana Orgain, Reviewed

by Diana Orgain
Love or Money Mystery Series: Book Two
Berkley Prime Crime
January 2016

Reality TV stars Georgia and Scott could use an influx of cash, so the pair signs on to compete in a new game show called Expedition Improbable. They’ve got a good shot at taking home the grand prize—until Scott goes missing in the Spanish Pyrenees and his watch is found lying near the body of a dead woman. Georgia knows Scott is innocent, but the show must go on, so she’s forced to split her focus between reaching the finish line, finding her partner, and clearing his name.

Diana Orgain’s A SECOND CHANCE AT MURDER is a fresh take on the cozy norm. The setup is unique and topical. The structure is clever, as the competition not only drives the pace but also provides structure and conflict. The backdrop is beautiful, and Orgain paints such a flattering picture of Spain’s culture and countryside that you’ll want to hop a flight as soon as you close the cover. The characters are a bit shallow and the investigation’s biggest breaks result from implausible slips at opportune moments, but Orgain’s plotting is solid and her twists are fun. A book worth buying and a series worth watching.

-Katrina Niidas Holm