A Special Request from Kent Gowran: FEEDING KATE

Editor’s Note: The Crime Fiction community is a magical one. While the core of it is the authors that provide the tales, there are also many that share their time, passion and talent to help provide said authors with outlets for their stories and help spread the word. One such person is Sabrina Ogden, she is going through a difficult time and could use your help.

Kent will explain:

l have a wonderful friend and her name is Sabrina Ogden. You might know her too. Maybe as The Best Person on the Internet, The Best Person on Earth, or some other handle that would sound like a total puff job if we were talking about anyone other than Sabrina. She’s also one of the co-editors at a flash fiction site called Shotgun Honey. When that place geared up last year, Sabrina immediately offered a helping hand and quickly became an essential part of making that site what it is today.If you’ve ever had a story there, if you enjoy reading the writers whose stories appear every week, Sabrina is a huge part of making that happen.
Since we now have less than two weeks to go, let me cut to the chase and lay out the plan. Sabrina needs jaw surgery and her health insurance won’t cover it. Some people way more sharp than I put their heads together and set down a plan to help our mutual pal. Now you’ve got the chance to help someone who has not only been a huge and ongoing source of enthusiasm, encouragement, and flat out fun for the crime fiction community and the world at large. And you’re even going to get a little something as a reward for your kindness.
Feeding Kate is an anthology that will feature stories from this cast of characters:
  • Ellie Anderson
  • Laura Benedict
  • Stephen Blackmoore
  • Joelle Charbonneau
  • Laura K. Curtis
  • Hilary Davidson
  • Neliza Drew
  • Chad Eagleton
  • Jenny Gardiner
  • Daryl Wood Gerber
  • Kent Gowran
  • Chris F. Holm
  • Dan O’Shea
  • Ron Earl Phillips
  • Thomas Pluck
  • Chad Rohrbacher
  • Linda Rodriguez
  • Johnny Shaw
  • Josh Stallings
  • Clare Toohey
  • Steve Weddle
  • Chuck Wendig
  • Holly West
How’s that for a lineup? Quite a few folks there I haven’t had the pleasure of sharing page space with yet, and that we’re coming together for a friend, I have to say, it just doesn’t get better. I am all too aware that times are neither easy nor good for a lot of folks, and even if all you find is cobwebs when you open your purses and wallets, when you pull that roll from your pocket and it’s nothing but a few crumpled singles, you can still lend a hand by spreading the word about this project.
Check out the full details here: Feeding Kate
Kent Gowran is the founding editor of Shotgun Honey. His stories have appeared in Needle, Plots With Guns, and other wild venues.