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A Three Movie Night

Watched three flicks last night, all pretty good.

First up was Hostage based on the Robert Crais book. Different from the book of course, but not a bad movie. I always enjoy Bruce Willis and he was good in this. Full of the typical hollywood explosions and gun play it was a action flick with aspirations of wanting to be noirish. While some of the camera angles could be considred noirish I guess, it’s hard to do a true noirish picture when you are blowing up entire buildings. But I would recommend this, maybe rent instead of buying.

Be Cool, also based on a book, this time Elmore Leonard’s sequel to Get Shorty. It took some scnes and gimmicks directly from Get Shorty and threw the minto the new premise of Chili Palmer going into the music biz.
Entertaining and a lot of fun, but nothing spectacular going on here. Cedric The Entertainer was really good, and a bunch of cameos. The stand out for me was The Rock as a gay bodygaurd.

The Machinist rounded out my evening.
Wow. This was a great movie. It built suspense really well, wonderful acting andand great story.
The basic premise is that Trevor Reznick hasn’t slept in almost a year. He’s lost a lot of weight and he’s quite possibly going nuts. I loved every minute of this film. It really did keep me guessing as I was expecting certian things tohappen and they kept twisiting things around.
This is a movie everyone should see.

There is a pretty gruesome scene in a machine shop. As a machinist myself it made me cringe.

All in all a pretty good weekend for movies. Usually we end up with at least one real dud, not this time.