A Top Shelf hardcover for July

Too Cool To Be Forgotten by Alex Robinson (July from Top Shelf Comix) is one of those rare graphic novels you feel safe about sharing with anyone who enjoys reading. Robinson tells the story of Andy Wicks, a man in his forties who is trying to quit smoking. As an indulgence to his wife he tries hypnotism as a cure. Not knowing what to expect he sits down and submits, and then finds himself in high school again. Freaked out at first, Andy soon embraces the situation and his extra 20+ years of life experience make reliving high school a bit different.

Robinson’s story telling is nicely paced and with humor to keep it light he manages to put across a story that I think a lot of people would be able to identify with. The characters he has running through this narrative are real enough that I recognized people I went to school with. I think this was especially fun for me as I graduated just a couple years ahead of the character in the book and I really relate to the things he deals with, in particular his reaction to sitting in class and realizing he really doesn’t need to learn any of this stuff.

I think this book will strike a chord with anyone between 20 and 50 who remembers high school as something they wouldn’t want to do again. Well Done. This is a hardcover available for $14.95.