Ace Atkins signing – Milwaukee May 6

This was Ace Atkin’s first trip to Milwaukee and we were thrilled to have him come. I’ve been a fan going back to the first book and have met Ace at a number of conventions.  Having come to our home town was a treat. It was a rainy cool, almost cold day, and on the Sunday after Cinco De Mayo and the Derby a lot of people were worn out.


He spoke about how he got the gig writing the Spencer books and they couldn’t have made a better choice. Atkins was friends with Robert Parker and a huge fan. he’s read all the books and the way he treats the series is with respect and an eye towards what Parker would have written. There was a nice turn out and a lot of questions from the audience. It was also very nice to see so many people with his Atkins books that are not Spencer! He said he’d love to come back to Mystery One books and I know  a store full of people who would love to see him back.

On a personal note, I love talking about books with Ace. He is a true fan of crime fiction and you can hear it in everything he says. Great writer and a Hell of a nice guy!

Ace talking music and writing – video