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Actor spills beans on plot points of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Tyler Nelson has a role in the forthcoming Indiana Jone and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (anyone want to bet that George Lucas was one to come up with that gem of a title?). Not a big role, but he does have a part. So he is newsworthy enough for his local paper to do an article on him.

I bet he now wishes he never took their call.
In his interview with them, Tyler blabbed a bit too much about the forthcoming film and has made the producers a bit displeased.
If you want to know nothing about the film, stop reading right now. If you want some tidbits (nothing that ruins the ending), then read on!
Tyler plays a russian soldier. He landed the part because he is able to dance…dance classical Russian dances to be specific.
“Apparently, the Soviet Army was searching for a crucifix skull in the jungles of South America and Indiana Jones was searching, as well,” Tyler said.
*According to the article, the Russians threaten to kill Marion Ravenwood (Karen Allen) unless Indy helps them find the Skull.
* Cate Blanchett is playing a russian interrogator.
*“They were filming us outside of a tent dancing and then turned the camera inside the tent,” Tyler explained his scene. “I saw Harrison Ford strapped in a chair being interrogated. I started to gather they were holding this big crystal-looking thing in the tent and heard someone mention a crucifix skull.”
So the Ruskies are the villians.
I can’t wait!