A&E’s SUGARLOAF has starting date and New Name.

THE GLADE, formally known as SUGARLOAF, will make it’s debut on July 13th at 9pm CST on A&E.

Australian Matt Passmore (LAST MAN STANDING, MCLEOD’S DAUGHTERS) as Jim Longworth, a former Chicago homicide detective. Jim is described as “attractive, brilliant, yet hard to get along” and, after being accused of sleeping with the wife of his former captain, finds himself leaving Chicago, looking to start anew.

He ends up in the Florida gulf coast town of Sugarloaf. A resort town that appears quiet and peaceful. But since this is a television drama, the town is not as sleepy as it appears.

Also starring in Sugarloaf is Kiele Sanchez (LOST, A PERFECT GETAWAY) as Callie, a med student witha 12 year-old son and a husband in prison. Anyone want to place a bet on whether or not that results in an eventual showdown? Also on boad is Carlos Gomez (SLEEPER CELL, SHARK) as Carlos, the medical exaimner and golf buddy of Mr. Jim.