Alex Grecian – A Quick 5 Questions

DevilsWorkshop-large-thumbJon: Alex, your latest novel, THE DEVIL’S WORKSHOP is pretty crazy and twisted and yet you seem pretty well adjusted. How does that work?

Alex: Maybe you just don’t know me well enough, Jon. Talk to me before my first cup of coffee some morning.

Jon: The plot of WORKSHOP is really fun, how did the idea come to you?

Alex: I’ve always wondered whether someone caught Jack the Ripper and just didn’t bothered to tell the rest of us. He did disappear suddenly. It took me three books to figure out who could’ve done it.

Jon: Three books in now, and I imagine you are working on the fourth, are you pretty comfortable with the voices of these characters in your head?

Alex: I am. I’m not crazy about having Saucy Jack’s voice in my head, but I’m getting used to him. (And, yeah, I’m working on the fourth book now. It’s called The Harvest Man.)

Jon: Did any special research go into the latest book?

Alex: I had to research a lot of secret societies. I wanted the Karstphanomen to behave like an actual secret society would have at the time. I do hope nobody’s monitoring my Google searches.

Jon: Given the nature of what you are writing I imagine you get interesting emails, any of them stick out as especially crazy or fun?

Alex: Actually, most of the people who write to me are very nice. I have polite readers. But I have had a handful of letters from people who want me to kill off Inspector Day’s wife, Claire. Not cool, you handful of people.