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All Star Superman


I’m a big fan of Grant Morrison and I really enjoy his take on super hero comics so it wasn’t much of a decision to read this. The clincher was of course the amazing Frank Quietly doing the art work.

The all star comics are out of continuity which is nice because it frees up the process of story telling. The Superman in these two volumes someone trying to do the most good he can. He rights wrongs and saves lives. This is the core of Superman and it’s interpreted here by a real fan.Superman needs to perform a number of tasks to save the Earth. He encounters classic situations done all new here. The Sun Eater, Luthor, rouge Kryptonians, and f course Bizarro. Each situation is handled with a pure heart and a good soul, Superman always looking for the best in everyone. I particulary liked the Bizarro part of the tale, it’s done with a bit more horror and is ultimatley much more tragic, not unlike the stroy of Frankenstien’s monster.
Time and again Superman puts it all on the line for his adpted planet. Through it all he maintains the Clark Kent muddling bumbling disguise. Morrison’s take on all the characters feels fresh and original eventhough there is deja vu running through out this story. It’s like a retelling of a favorite fairy tale, familar yet wonderful.

Frank Quietly (real name Vincent Deighan) has gone above nad beyond here on the art work. The collaboration of Morrison and Queitly always results in something steller, but this goes beyond that. As with the writing there is an admiration for the charactor that comes through in the work. And while there is no mistaking Quietly’s work anywhere, this has a special feel to it, it’s part homage to earlier work and part all new. The expressions on these folks really make you beleive Luthor is pure evil and Superman is truly the purest soul. I also love the clothing designs for all involved.
These two volumes are worth buying just for the art or the story, but the two together make it a must own set.
And then if you don’t have it, pick up Earth Two by these two, it’s great also.
To get these volumes:
All Star Superman, Vol. 1
All Star Superman, Vol. 2
JLA: Earth 2