ALMOST GONE by Stan Richards

New Pulp Press
Pub date: April 1st, 2009

Sometimes you pick up a book and it starts slow. You wonder if it’s worth finishing. You put it down for a minute. You think about it. You remember that even though it was starting slow, you knew something was there. So you pick it back up and you roll through. Before you know it the story takes off and you thank Christ you pushed on.

This is the story of Boulder Colorado police officer Chuck Johnson. Late on a rainy night while driving home, Johnson loses control of his car and crashes into a truck. Johnson survives but with serious brain damage. At first the damage doesn’t seem all that bad, all Johnson wants is to get back on the job. Then the hallucinations of his mother’s murder begin which occurred while Johnson was a teenager. Memories long buried begin to surface. Johnson figures that since he is a cop, he can solve this and maybe hold onto his sanity at the same time.

I wasn’t going to finish this book. The opening felt so slow that I truly thought it held no hope. Then all of a sudden it turns on like a light and the story takes off. The madness of the story is what held me. As you get further in you start peeling back the layers as each page turns and you get deeper and deeper into the madness of it all. I highly recommend this book. It’s a nasty little tale, short and sweet like a punk rock song. A little more detail would have been nice in a couple areas, mostly in the beginning but overall this is a solid effort.

Dave Wahlman