Almost Live From Wizard World


So Crimespree came for the first time last year and this year the caravan traveled down to Chicago again. I didn’t know the exhibits were open on Thursday. Jon did and his wallet opened up like an English Rose as soon as we crossed the threshold. I’m going to fall dreadfully behind the boys by noon tomorrow but for now I’m caught up, and these are the moments so far. We walked in and SURPRISE, the autograph line for Warren Ellis was only ten strong. An opportunity like that cannot be passed up so I had Jon get a copy of Crooked Little Vein autographed for me (the three copies at home remain naked, but someday..). Ellis is as substantial in real life as he’s been in my imagination and maybe by weekend’s end I’ll actually talk to him, but maybe not. I think it’s great that Avatar got him here. Okay, that’s the legend covered, and yes there is another book scheduled for next year.
We also ran into Mark Kidwell and his wife Monica. Mark is the writer for BUMP. We met Mark last year and have been fans of the books ever since. Actually I’m a huge fan of both Kidwells who are great mystery fans, and terrific people. Being able to argue the merits of Lansdale titles is a blessing at a mystery convention, at a comic convention it means I’ve found “my people”.
Tim Broderick was already set up in Artist’s Alley and he’ll be there all weekend with copies of CASH & CARRY on hand. If you’re coming down, it’s a great mystery, comic style and if you are a fan of both comics and mysteries I don’t think you can go wrong purchasing a copy.
We met Gayley from D.C. who’s been terrific to Crimespree and Jim Valentino from Image and Mel Caylo at Top Cow. But the two best moments… Number one was seeing Greg Rucka . Hugs were exchanged, and his cell phone rang ten times in ten minutes (note to self, do not call Greg on cellphone this weekend). The second best thing? Seeing Greg head up to his room with a Vendi Coffee in hand by 9:00 p.m. I think his book may well be done by Saturday and that means reading for Ruth.
So the event will start in sincerity tomorrow. I know by weekend’s end I’ll find more comic titles I want to read, and really I’m looking forward to finding them. Early Fables, DMZ, 100 Bullets, I love them all and know people will steer me true. I can’t listen to just my husband after all…

Ruth Jordan