Amazon orders fourth season of Michael Connelly’s BOSCH

Amazon today announced it has greenlit a fourth season of the popular Amazon Original Series Bosch.  The series, which is based on the novels of Michael Connelly, has already seen two seasons released with a third is currently in production.

“We are excited to announce the fourth season renewal of Amazon Prime Video’s longest running original drama series, Bosch,” said Roy Price, Vice President, Amazon Studios. “Prime members have loved following Detective Harry Bosch as he navigates difficult situations in his professional and personal lives, and we’re excited to let them know that even more is coming.”

“I am happy beyond words. To think we are going to get another season to explore these characters is wonderful. Our team has worked very hard to create the most realistic detective show possible and I think that is resonating with viewers,” said Connelly. “Titus and the rest of the cast and crew are dedicated to this. We are raising the storytelling bar with season three and we’ll do it again in four.”

“It wasn’t exactly arbitrary but when we first started making the show I off-handedly said I would like 60 hours of television to properly tell the Harry Bosch story,” Connelly reported on his website. “Well, this gets us almost there. It is also very exciting to get this news before we finish filming season 3. It allows us to set up season 4 with some story lines that are not tied up.”

Connelly has played a major role in the production, something that could help Amazon secure the rights to other series.