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Amazon/Hachette and buying books the old fashioned way

In case you’ve not heard Amazon and Hachette are having some trouble reaching an agreement on pricing and until it is resolved things may be a little weird if you are used to getting your books from Amazon. Hachette books are not available right now and this means you may have to work a little harder to get books by favorite authors, including Megan Abbott, Michael Koryta and JK Rowling

Well, my suggestion is to go old school and go to a…

BRICK AND MORTAR BOOK STORE. Here’s a list of some of the bookstores we love.

If you don’t have one near by all of these places will ship books to you.

Each store is linked to theirbooksz website.

Aunt Agatha’s

Books And Company


Boswell Book Company

Centuries and Sleuths

The Moonstone Mystery Book Store


Mysterious Galaxy

Mystery Loves Company

Mystery One Bookstore

The Mysterious Bookshop

Once Upon A Crime


There are a lot of other great books stores out there so don’t let this business stuff get in the way of you enjoying your favorite authors. And  Libraries are always happy to see people!