Written and Directed by Andrea Arnold
Starring Sasha Lane, Shia LaBeouf, Riley Keough

Andrea Arnold’s American Honey brilliantly captures the aimless, lost generation now designated the millennials. This is a road picture that finds no romance on the road itself, but only in the gyrating bodies and music of a vagabond group of magazine salesmen lead by its quasi-cult leader, Krystal. We make the journey along with Star, a nineteen year old with no place to go and nothing to do although none of the dozen youth in her van sees life very differently. They are content to knock on doors by day and have sex, smoke pot, and dance at night. If Arthur Miller exploded the mid-century myth of capitalism, Andrea Arnold’s film has an even more sinister view of American society. When asked about their dreams midway through the film, it becomes clear they dream very small. Though there’s a certain beauty in this film, it comes from the bright colors, music, and flashing young bodies. At its heart, it’s as grim as grit.

Highly recommended.

Patti Abbott