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Another Serial Killer Book: The Serial Killer Club

I read a book last night that is coming out from Warner Books.
The Serial Killer Club is the first book from Jeff Povey and it’s set for a June release.

I read it in one sitting while Mrs. Crimespree watched the Olympics.

I loved this book. Funny and fast it reminded me a bit of Tim Dorsey except that the lead character isn’t quite as carefree about his killing.

The premise is this:
A everyman kind of guy is attacked. He manages to ward off his attacker and in the process kills him. Being curious as any of us would be he looks in the wallet. He discovers that he wa about to become victim 6 of a serial killer. He also discovers what looks like an invitation to join a club for serial killers. Since his life is dull he packs up and moves to Chicago and joins the Serial Killer Club taking the false name of Douglas Fairbanks.
From this point on mayhem ensues involving an FBI agent, and a bunch of other wacked out killers.

Great fun. Look for it.