Another stack of comics

The Boys #11
Dynamite Comics

This is a series everyone should be reading. Issue 11 starts a new story arc and is a great jumping on point. The team is in Russia and are trying to find out why superheroes are expolding. They meet a retired Russian hero and soon find that people are out to stop the search for what is happening. Another party is involed named little Nina and she is a real piece of work.
This is great stuff, harsh and sarcastic and every page is a gem.

Brave and The Bold #7
DC Comics
The backstory iwth the book of destiny continues as this new story kicks off with Wonder WOman and Poer Girl. Mark Waid and George Perez are creating some damn fun comics. The strogest thing in this comics is the subtle or not so subtle differences in the styles of WW and PG.
Great writing and great art. What more could you want?

Checkmate #19
DC Comics

Greg Rucka is bringing his back story to the front as we see Checkmate starting the hunt for Amanda Waller and a way to put an end to her games. But waller has been at this a long time and she seems to be at few steps ahead of Checkmate. This series is really an incredible blend of super heores and espionage. Games with in games and a sense of urgency to the story.
Great Comic.

Criminal Macabre: My Demon Baby 1 & 2
Dark Horse Comics

I love this series. Cal McDOnald PI is a wonderful character. I’ve read one of the novels before I picked up the comics and I love them both. The latest series is My Demon Baby and and it’s another winner. Cal is not dealing well with the aftermath of what happened to Sabrina in the last story arc. Of course if my girl friend was turned into a vampire and I flet it was my fault I would be a bit despondant too. But whan Cal is depressed things get dark. And to make matters worse he still can’t go home or to his office because a city councilman named Benson is still out to make his life hell for his involvment in the Coucilman’s police detective wife’s death. So in this miserable state Cal is hiding out.
Cal’s one true friend, a ghoul tracks him down and brings him a case. A preist needs help. Signs indicate that a cult is trying to bring satan’s baby into the world and it looks like only Cal can fix this.
Steve Niles does such a great job with this character. He’s a miserable bastard and yet you can’t help but love the guy and root for him. It’s a fine line but Niles pulls it off with gusto.

Doktor Sleepless #3
Warren Ellis is doing a lot of great stuff right now and I think this might be one of the best titles he’s writing. Issue three gives us a bit to ponder as we discover that there may be more to DOktor Sleepless than meets the eye. We also get some background on his side kick in the hot nurses uniform.
Top Notch writing and great art.

Foolkiller #1
Marvel Comics

Gregg Hurwitz is one of my favorite writers which is no secret if you read this blog. His revamoing of Foolkiller just solidifies my love of his work. Another marvel title that in it’s previous incarnation was a bit silly and light hearted.
Not anymore. The stroy opens from the perspective of a real loser, a dude who had it all and blew it because he can’t stop gambling, and it’s pretty obvious that his path is going to intersect with a madman who is killing people and leaving a playing card with the Fool on it as a calling card.
This has the potential to be every bit as great as The Punisher and yet stand totally it’s own. I can’t wait to see where Hurwitz is going to take this. The art by Medina is just the icing on the cake.

Justice League Of America #14
DC Comics

The latest run of this series has been fun. Meltzer started it off nicely by chenging up the membership. Dwayne McDuffie is continuing the fun and the big stories. As a kid I always enjoyed the larger sweeping stories with a big group of bad guys working together. This time out the villians are really kicking some ass and seem to have the right idea for taking the heroes down. The injustice League is even using the hideout from the cartoons which I find really cool.
That said after this arc it would be nice to see a story or to that is a bit more subtle, maybe not as large feeling. SOme of the best JLA stories were the ones with a very quiet and claver villain and I’d love to see some stoies like that again.

Madame Mirage #3
Top Cow comics

This is the issue! We learn the secret behind Madame Mirage, who she is and why. Wonderful art from Kenneth Rocafort really brings Paul Dini’s writing to life.
Dini reveals who Madam Mirage is going after and why. And the setup is wonderful. One of the targets she has been hunting is tied to a chair and Mirage challenges her to escape before she can finish her tale.
This series is a clever homage to the pulp era and I do not plan to miss a single issue.

Potter’s Field #2
Boom Studios

Mark Waid is writing a wonderful crime fictionstory with this mini series. A man obsessed with finging the names of those buried in Potter’s Field and avenging there deaths.
In issue 2 some fo the gangsters he’s pissed off along the way have found a plan for getting back at him and John finds himself sidetracked by a number of thugs out to kill him.

Simon Dark
DC Comics

Simon Dark is set in Gotham and the character who’s name is on the book is a bit odd. He seems to be on the side of the good guys, but his methods don’t really jive with the way good guys act. Of course this makes it a perfect title for Steve Niles. Niles has been kicking as and taking names over at Dark Horse and now DC has brought him into their playground to see what he can stir up in the sandbox. There are secret groups of men doing strange things and Simon Dark is meesing with there plans, by beheading some folks among other things. We also have a dtective working the case who we know is going to run into Simon. Great set up with the first issue.
It’s dark and creepy and has definitly left me wanting more. Simon Dark rocks.

Terror Inc.
Marvel Max

This is a fun series. The original Terror Inc (back in the 80’s?) was pretty lame. Making it a Max title allows the gloves to come off and really works for this character. I love the backstory and I love the premise of the series. on eis targeting
Terror is a very old man cursed to never die. His body can die though and he needs to keep replacing parts. In this first run someone is setting him up and targetting those close to him. He needs to find out who and why fast. Because the thing that keeps him coming abck for more, his steel encased are is missing.
David Lapham seems to be havin g a lot of fun here and the dialoge shows it. This is hip, dark and fast.