ANOTHER SUN by Timothy Williams – Book Review

anothersunANOTHER SUN
Timothy Williams
Soho Crime

In 1980 on the small Caribbean island of Guadeloupe, a colony of France subject to French rule, civil and racial tensions still run high. A small group of nationalists who seek independence hide behind terrorist acts, and island colonialists attempt to stamp out political unrest. Anne Marie Laveaud, a French-Algerian judge, and her small family move to the island in the midst of this turmoil seeking to start a new life.
Anne Marie’s first big case on the island involves an elderly ex-convict accused of killing a politically connected man, and Anne Marie investigates, certain that the man is innocent and being railroaded to avoid intensifying political unrest and potential scandal. Despite pressure from above, and the fact that the suspect refuses to cooperate with her because of her gender, Anne Marie doggedly pursues the truth—no matter the cost.
In ANOTHER SUN, Williams provides an interesting view into the politics and race relations of a small island under colonial rule. He also highlights the difficulties a woman during that era would have faced as a civil servant in a colony where not everyone welcomed the ruling power. Political intrigue abounds and the cliffhanger ending will leave you wondering…

Erica Ruth Neubauer