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Anthony Award 2006

Crimespree says Wow!!

Thanks guys, an Anthony. So aside from being speechless on Saturday, not having prepared anything and getting the award from Jim Huang and Kent Krueger it’s a little hard to follow up Barbara Seranella. It’s telling that all three of these people have done something for Crimespree. So in essence they were giving themselves an Anthony. And you an Anthony too.

For those of you unaware, The Jordan clan hasn’t had the best of years. Saturday was a highlight. And how typical of the Mystery community to rally around and lift you up. It’s why we cannot get enough of this thing called mystery.

Blogging allows us to now thank the folks who need thanking.

We have other editors at Crimespree. They spend as much time on the mechanics as we do. Jeremy Lynch continues to elevate the Entertainment section of Crimespree. His energy for and love of what he’s doing is great to be a part of. And with the incredible Jill at his side I suspect he’s only just beginning.

Mary Regan’s photos are fab and she manages to get her camera everywhere. The one on one feel of Crimespree is largely due to the photos she somehow gets to match the articles we are running each and every issue.

Sister Jen not only is finding some of the best short fiction out there she is our rock. She gets us through the day to day and travels roads both rocky and lined with gold right beside us.

The content? Well what can we say…. The names are many, so many and hell, when we ask people “Could you…. And oh we don’t pay…” the answer is always, “I’d love to…. What’s the deadline?” Because many of the folks who write for us out of their love for the genre are actually making money with their writing and like us, work comes first.
You all come through for us time after time. If we haven’t tapped you yet, be assured, we will.

And our reviewers, each time you type out a review, realize not only are you reviewing a book, you’ve just given Jon and myself an extra five hours in our lives. To work on the rest of the magazine, make time for the day job, sleep a little or make buttons, a lot of buttons.

We had two parents there and one waiting at home for the results. They gave us our love for reading and that’s where it starts.

We love mysteries. We love Bouchercon. No matter what else is going on in our lives we know that we can rely on this community. We’ve known it since we both ventured on line and typed “mystery” into the search engine. Ram, 4MA, Dorothy L, Book Sense. There are people everywhere who share our obsession. And then we met you all in person. And now…. We hope Crimespree will help to bring more people to this community, these books and our genre for a long, long time.
That said, this award belongs to everyone who’s ever picked up a mystery but more than any other two individuals our Anthony goes out to the two who weren’t there; our dad and Jeremy’s grandmother. They believed in us first and loved us best. Thanks you two.