The New Archie & Jughead Reviewed

Archie1Archie, the classic of all classics…rejuvenated. Mark Waid in the new Archie takes all the greatness of the last 75 years and adds nuances for the modern era, for instance, using cell phones to add effect to the breakup of Betty and Archie in the beginning of the story, a break up which sets the emotional stage at Riverdale High. The series starts with the huge fight that has gone for ages, Betty vs Veronica. Archie has just broken up with Betty after the “Lipstick Incident”. The school tries to get them back together through prom but Jughead is wise enough to thwart that plan because it would be forced. Now the Lodges have moved in and are building their house that Archie accidentally destroys, sending Mr.Lodge on a man hunt for the person responsible. The reason Archie accidentally destroyed the house was his being star struck by Veronica’s beauty. Later Jughead, Betty, and Reggie Mantle plot to save Archie from himself because of Veronica turning out to be a total wench. There begins the biggest rivalry of all time to many. Betty vs Veronica. The art of Archie by Fiona Staples,  is very fun to look at and the covers are especially cool. This is a very promising, fun, and lighthearted start to the Archie we know and love.

Volume One trade collection is out now

jugheadJughead, Archie’s best friend. The classic Jughead is still very prominent in this new interpretation but with a little more fun. His love for hamburgers is rekindled by his obvious skill in which I mean him making hamburger in a culinary class out of desperation for real food after the lunchroom now serving high nutrition grule. Now his own individual comics take their own weird twist with the descendant of Archie from the future. She wants him to save the future and the now. It seems the new cruel principal is turning them to soldier through PE, the meals, etc. Jughead decides it must not stand and gathers his friends to do something about it. Also when Jughead falls into deep sleep mode after a lack of good food there are funny alternate realities he dreams like Game of Jones, instead of Game of Thrones. Jughead uses great sarcastic humor, pop culture references and craving for burgers to drive this comic to success. The comic doesn’t require much thinking, it’s just fun.


Overall, the rejuvenation of Archie has been a success and has everything required to make Archie great. Hopefully later they might start Betty and Veronica comic books, who knows? The future looks bright for Archie Comics.

Conor Carroll