Are these the new A-TEAM?

A number of names have been tossed around since it was announced that a film version of THE A-TEAM would be made.

But since Smokin’ Joe Carhahan signed on to direct, things seem to starting to get serious.

Last month, word came that Rapper turned actor Common was in talks to play B.A. Baracus. Common perviously worked with Carnahan in SMOKIN’ ACE and was pretty good.

A couple of weeks ago, IESB asked Bradley Cooper about the A-Team:

Here’s how it went down, IESB asked Bradley Cooper point blank if he was excited about playing Faceman in The A-Team. His reaction? A mixture of surprise and astonishment – “That’s out already!?”

Following some laughter and excitement, he continued, “Wow. Yeah…its Joe Carnahan’s. It’s very interesting. It’ll be cool. It will be cool see what…He’ll make a great movie out of it.”

Cooper was quickly whisked away back down the hall, after we had a chance to thank him for his time and got a “Thanks man” in return.

Almost immediately, Cooper backpeddled and said it was taken out of context, but now THR is reporting that Cooper is indeed in negotiations to play Lt. Templeton ‘Faceman’ Peck. Face was played, in the series, by Dirk Benedict.

Not to be outdone, Variety has reported that it looks like Liam Neeson will be playing Col. John ‘Hannibal’ Smith. Geroge Peppard was Smith in the series. Neeson has done everything for historical to romantic comedy to action to drama. I have no trouble seeing him as the leader of this motley bunch.

If true, this has the makings of a pretty good cast. I have not seen Cooper, but he is the man these days with the success of THE HANGOVER. Common and Neeson both make sense to me and could, IMO, deliver the goods. Carnahan’s track record shows that he can make a good action flick without becoming cliched.

Now just don’t cast Woody Harrelson as Mad dog!