Despite Liam Neeson saying he would love to reprise the role, CW’s ARROW has cast Matthew Nable as Ra’s al Ghul. Ghul first appeared in 1971 as a foil for The Batman and quickly became on of the Dark Knight detective’s iconic villians.  Neeson played the role in Christopher Nolan’s BATMAN BEGINS, which made Ghul Batman’s trailer, a role that is different from the comics.

Ghul has already been discussed on ARROW, as his League of Shadows trained  Malcolm Merlyn and Sara Lance. Season three will see the series debut of Ghul.

The idea that Neeson might appear on TV as Ghul was truly a pipe dream, but what a dream it was. I enjoyed the first season of ARROW, but the second half of season two kicked my ass and has me eagarly awaiting their fall return.