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Ask Crimespree

We get questions from time to time so we thought it might be fun to answer some of them. We’ll share them if we think there’s interesting answer.

6456464Tammy from Seattle wants to know: “What do you do with all the review books you get sent?”

Over the years the number of books we get sent has grown, a lot. With the advance reading copies (ARCs) we try to pass them on to folks who have little or no budget for reading or to people we think will enjoy them (including folks at Murder and Mayhem in Milwaukee, local nursing homes). On rare occasion we have so many we are unable to place them all so we hit the little free libraries and load them up.

With finished books it is similar. We actually keep about half for our own collection. The rest are passed on to people who will enjoy them. Every year we donate boxes of books to various charities.

And while we believe there is no such thing as too many books, we don’t see the sense in hanging on to books we won’t be reading when we can give them to someone who will.

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