Ask The Authors: If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

Megan Abbott: Time travel. Invisibility. Invisible time travel?

Steve Brewer: I’ve always wanted a prehensile tail.

Bill Cameron: I’ve always wanted to be Green Lantern because of how awesome it would to form giant green objects to do ordinary things. Housefly problem? Giant green fly swatter! BOOM. Flat tire on my bike? Lookit me riding this giant green bicycle! I can’t see myself fighting crime or menaces from space, but I would totally have you covered if you needed a giant green bottle opener at a picnic.

Joelle Charbonneau: I want to manipulate time. I mean, there are so many books to read, songs to sing and thing to do not to mention work to finish. If I could just create a few more hours in each day I might even be able to sleep. Sleep might not sound sexy, but boy I think it is.

Christa Faust: X-ray vision. But I want to be able to choose whose clothes I see through. Indiscriminate X-ray vision might be more of curse than a blessing.

Tess Gerritsen: teleportation. So I’d never have to suffer through another airport.

Victor Gishler: Invisibility. Then I’ll have an excuse for why nobody pays attention to me.

SJ Rozan: Speed, so I could race up the basketball court.

Simon Wood: I possess the power to be ignored by automatic doors, but if I got to choose, I would like the power to make reality tv disappear.

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