ASTEROIDS THE MOVIE????? What the F##K is Wrong With Hollywood?

Joust the movie? A seriously dumb idea.

Asteroids? Ok, time to send some studio heads to the funny farm.

Universal has acquired the film rights to the 80s Atari game. Want to hear something even goofier? There was bidding from 3 other studios!

There are hundreds of amazing novels that would be excellent source material for films, yet the studios are buying up the rights to dumb video games? Guys, buy the rights to the works of Sean Doolittle. You want humor, Bill Fitzhugh! Sassy women? Sparkle Hayter, Katy Munger…the list goes on. We may get two arcade game films but none based on the works of George Pelecanos or T.J. Parker? WTF?

Time for some folks to pull their heads out of their asses.

By the way, Uni is also working on films based on Battleship and Candyland.

To quote of my fav Muppets (Pepe the King Prawn) “Unbelievable!”