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Auction for Erin

This auction was held on November 5th

at Murder and Mayhem in Milwaukee.

Our friend Erin Mitchell is having some health problems so we’re using the silent auction at Murder and Mayhem this year to raise money to help out. A LOT of people have donated items for us to auction off. 

There is a site for direct donations to help Erin out right here where there is more information. 

These are most of the items that have been donated in the last few days. There are some other items as well. Some of these items may be joined together (signed book bundles).


Alafair Burke

Five signed hardcover Alafair Burke books

Alex Grecian

GrecianCharacter name, plus signed books and more from Alex Grecian 

Alex Segura

Character name in DANGEROUS ENDS, Pete Fernandez Book 3, by Alex Segura.

Alison Gaylin

Signed copies of the first three books in the Brenna Spector series by Alison Gaylin

Bill Crider

Character in the next Sheriff Rhodes book by Bill Crider

Brendan DuBois

51SF43SU8iL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Autographed ARC of DARK VICTORY, Autographed hardcover of BLOOD FOAM, plus a character name in an upcoming Brendan DuBois novel

Bryon Quertermous

A signed copy of MURDER BOY, and the only signed and bound copy of the RIOT LOAD manuscript by Bryon Quertermous

Cara Black

Signed book, to be sent by Cara Black

Carole Barrowman

Signed Hollow Earth book by Carole Barrowman, plus a pile of mysteries in a book bag

Catriona McPherson

A character name in HANG MY HAT by Catriona McPherson, plus an ARC, an eventual signed copy, and some Scottish , confectionery

Chantelle Aimée Osman

$500 worth of editing by Chantelle Aimée Osman

Chelsea Cain

Signed books by Chelsea Cain, and severed hands (not Chelsea’s!)

Chris Holm

Signed book and a character name in a forthcoming Chris Holm novel

Clea Simon

Character name in Clea Simon‘s next mystery, along with a signed copy of it when it comes out

Dana Cameron

Character name in a Dana Cameron short story coming out 2016. (She wins a lot of awards for these!)

Daniel Palmer

Character name in a Michael Palmer / Daniel Palmer special collaboration

Duane Swierczynski

Character name in an upcoming Duane Swierczynski book, signed books, comics

Eric Beetner

Character name in an Eric Beetner book

Graham Smith

41xH4S4wHAL._SX308_BO1,204,203,200_Signed debut novel SNATCHED FROM HOME, short story collection, and a character name in a future Graham Smith novel

Gregg Hurwitz

Rare/awesome UK ARC of ORPHAN X by Gregg Hurwitz

Hank Phillipi Ryan

hank-at-home-2014Hank Phillippi Ryan’s BOOK OF THE MONTH CLUB (Hank will send you a signed copy from one of your favorite authors–one a month of a year!)

Harley Doodle Barley

810o0RHvcyLA copy of MY NAME IS HARLEY AND THIS IS MY STORY, along with his human Kaye Wilkinson Barley‘s WHIMSEY

Hilary Davidson

Character name in a future Hilary Davidson book

Ian Rankin

Ian-Rankin-on-a-balcony-o-001Character name in the next Rebus book by Ian Rankin

James Benn

Four signed paperbacks, one signed poster, and a character name in a future James Benn book

Jeff Cohen

From Jeff Cohen: Ten autographed books (all six books in the Guesthouse series and two each of the Asperger’s series) and a character name in an upcoming book

Jenny Milchman

Book Club Bundle (Skype in to chat, deleted scene, goody bag for book club leader) or a Writer’s Wish List (query lesson, chapter critique, coaching session) from Jenny Milchman

Jessie Chandler

Character name in a future Jessie Chandler book

John Connolly

(Parts of this that are duplicated may be added to other items in a bundle.) 

john-2010-archesFrom John Connolly:

  • The complete set of Samuel Johnson buttons
  • Four sets of BOOKS TO DIE FOR trading cards
  • Two limited-edition CDs: Ghosts (compiled for THE WOLF IN WINTER) and Shadows (compiled for A SONG OF SHADOWS)
  • Four sets of art postcards, produced for NIGHT MUSIC (signed by John!), THE WRATH OF ANGELS, THE BOOK OF LOST THINGS, and THE WANDERER IN UNKNOWN REALMS (very rare — this may actually be my last set)
  • Great Lost Bear bumper sticker
  • THE BURNING SOUL t-shirt (size L)
  • THE BURNING SOUL mass market paperback
  • THE CREEPS advance reading copy

Johnny Shaw

Character name in a future Johnny Shaw book, signed ARC of FLOODGATE

Karin Slaughter

Signed Karin Slaughter books

Linda Rodriguez

Signed copies of all three Linda Rodriguez novels and a character name in her next book

Lisa Lutz

Signed Lisa Lutz books and a character name in a future crime novel

Lisa Unger

Crazy-Love-You-Paperback1Complete set of Lisa Unger first edition hardcovers

Lori Rader-Day

518IuvYggQL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Character name in s future Lori Rader-Day book and LITTLE PRETTY THINGS prize pack (valued at ~$50)

Matthew Clemens

Character name in a future Matthew Clemens book and signed book

Megan Abbott

Character name in a future Megan Abbott novel and signed books

Paul Johnston

Character name in a future Paul Johnston book

Polis Books

Basket of books from Polis Books

Reed Farrel Coleman

NewHeadshot-200x300From Reed Farrel Coleman: Signed Moe Prager books, Gulliver Dowd books, and Robert B. Parker’s Jesse Stone books as a package. And rumor has it that someone will be throwing in a signed RBP first edition!

Rob Brunet

Character name in a future Rob Brunet book

Rob Hart

A character name in Rob Hart‘s third Ash McKenna novel, SOUTH VILLAGE

Sarah Weinman

6a00d83451af9169e201b7c7aa95ba970b-800wiSigned copies of TROUBLED DAUGHTERS, TWISTED WIVES and WOMEN CRIME WRITERS: Eight Suspense Novels of the 1940s & 50s: A Library of America Boxed Set from Sarah Weinman

Sean Chercover

Character name in a future Sean Chercover book

Shane Gericke

Trade paperback and CD of THE FURY by Shane Gericke, bottle of Black Label Scotch, a fancy shot glass with which to drink it, a pound of good coffee, and a nice mug from which to drink that, all in a basket of some sort

Stuart Neville

12187669_10153792580198573_4994759099386490008_nFrom Stuart Neville: This is a very, very limited UK edition of my first book, one of only TWELVE specially made and lettered for the No Alibis Bookstore in Belfast. It is a UK printing of The Twelve (a.k.a. The Ghosts of Belfast), rebound in leather and cloth, with a cloth-bound slipcase, and gold leaf detailing.

This edition includes illustrations by local graphic artist Julie Chalmers – the front cover of the book features an illustration in gold leaf – and it is signed by both the author and the artist. This particular copy is lettered D of L. There was another limited numbered version of this, but the lettered edition has NEVER been offered for sale to the public, and was distributed only to me, the artist, and the the owner of No Alibis.

No going cheap on this, it’s a special item, and it’s for a great cause – the slightly less rare numbered edition is for sale by a private seller on eBay for £299 right now! In addition, I’ll be offering a signed and numbered limited edition paperback 70-page short story collection called The Six, only 50 of which were printed in 2009. I will also send the winning bidders some of Erin Mitchell’s favourite Tayto Cheese’n’Onion potato chips!

11227043_10153792580253573_8017486956002024010_n   12193631_10153792580243573_4439446286017431951_n    12191083_10153792580178573_8284140118695654757_n    12189013_10153792580193573_935317832751788429_n

Robert Crais

cover-promiseSigned hardcover of THE PROMISE by Robert Crais, SUSPECT paperback, Maggie dog tag

Sparkle Hayter

From Sparkle Hayter: Gemstones! 12188514_10153456567603301_195424495_nHair of Venus quartz, in an 8-carat faceted triangle measuring 18 x 14 x 8 mm. Value: $75. Those who believe in the spiritual benefits of stones say it brings power, energy and clarity, and golden inclusions enhance its power. The Ancient Japanese believed quartz “formed from the breath of a white dragon.”

12204494_10153456438933301_1660658227_o (1)4.6 carat Natural Welo Opal with rainbow shimmer and broad flash, measures approx 12 x 11 x 7 mm. Value $120.00

Timothy Hallinan

Complete set of Junior Bender books signed by Timothy Hallinan, and the new Rafferty book

Toni L.P. Kelner

Three Family Skeleton books by Toni L.P. Kelner, and some skeletal themed items in a skeleton tote bag

Tyrus Books

tyrusAny ten books published by Tyrus Books (depending on availability). You pick, they ship.

Val McDermid

ValJerseyRaith Rovers (the team she sponsors) shirt from Val McDermid and a signed book

Victor Gischler

A book and a character name in a future Victor Gischler book

QR Markham

assassin-of-secrets-qr-markham-thumb-196x298-119846Finished book by QR Markham, He wrote ASSASSIN OF SECRETS, which was released by Mulholland, and someone discovered it was nearly entirely plagiarized, and Mulholland recalled it and pulped it. We have a copy signed by the author, generously donated by Rob Hart. THIS IS RARE.