Audio interviews with director, author and star of Whiteout plus poster. has audio clips with Whiteout author Greg Rucka, director Dominic Sena and star Kate Beckinsale.

Click here for audio clip of Greg Rucka and Dominic.

One interesting note: Rucka ended up doing re-writes on the set.

Click here for audio clip of Kate Beckinsale.

These interviews were conducted on Comic-Con. They also aired a teaser trailer, but it has not yet hit the net.

Kate Beckinsale (Underworld, Pearl Harbor) is starring as U.S. Marshall Carrie Stetko. Stetko has been sent to Antarctica to solve the continent’s first murder. The six months of sun are coming to an end and Carrie has little time to catch the killer before the sun sets and she is stuck there, with the killer, for the six months of darkness.

Gabriel Macht (The Good Shepherd, Because I Said So) is playing a UN operative that is also on the case.
Also staring are Tom Skerritt (River Runs Through It, Alien, Top Gun) and Columbus Short (Darius from NBC’s Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip).
The director is Dominic Sena (Kalifornia, Swordfish, Gone in Sixty Seconds).