August comic reviews

To start with I’d like to point y’all to a wonderful kids book by Jill Thompson.
MAGIC TRIXIE is from Harper Collins.
Here’s there description:
Magic Trixie doesn’t understand why no one will take her seriously! First, she’s not allowed to do anything fun, while her baby sister gets away with everything, and then she needs to come up with a trick that’s really special to impress her friends. Luckily Trixie has the best plan ever. . .

I read this and smiled and laughed my way through it. It was like hanging out with my niece and nephews. Jill did a spot on job of getting the way kids talk and act perfect.
If there are young readers in your house or you just love reading books with great art that are pure fun PICK THIS UP.

And now for some recent issue of comics still on the racks

Superman/Batman #50
DC Comics

A nice anniversary issue which has the fathers of our two heroes meeting in the past. Thomas Wayne is brought to krypton by Jor-El before it explodes and her helps convince Jor-El that Earth is indeed where he should send his son. Jor-El also influences Thomas in a way that will change Bruce.
A nice story that further bonds these two men together.

Femme Noir #2
Ape Entertainment

Issue two is more noir fun with a crimefighting lady who knows how to solve crimes and kick ass. Fun stuff with great art by Joe Staton

Final Crisis #3
DC Comics

I’m really enjoing Final Crisis and it’s tie ins. This event actually feels ominous. Bad things are going to happen and its going to be serious. Morrison is doing a spectacular job of creating tension and suspense. The villains are going totally bad ass, the heroes are playing catch up. This issue sees Wonder Woman get nailed, the Question is brought into service by a group she wants no part of and Luthor is intimidated. And Mary Marvel get even more messed up.
This is an event that is truly an event and if the payoff is half as good as the lead up, I’ll need to rest after reading it. Final Crisis is an Epic and will stand as a high water in comics.

Justice Society of America Annual 1
DC Comics

JERRY ORDWAY doing art on the JSA! This should be enough reason to buy it.
Geoff Johns writing should cement the deal. Power Girl is sent back to the real Earth 2, her old friends are all there, Huntress, Robin, Infinity Inc. She could be happy for the first time in a long time. But I think we know better….. This sets up a story to follow into Justice Society Of America. Great Book!

Liberty Comics #1
This is to raise money for the Comic Book Legal Defense fund (More here)
It has art and stories by some of the best folks working comics today and it also explains why the Comic Book Legal Defensr funs is important. Buy the book, it’s great and you’ll help a great group.

New Exiles #9

Chris Claremont is getting a bit long winded with his story telling here. I don’t know if it’s the 6 issues into a trade formula or if he just has a story I’m not interested in. I love the Exiles, and I love the idea behind it. I’ve enjoyed almost all the issue I’ve read. This particular story arc is dragging on like a bad chick flick. Too many subplots and the team is split up. Lets tighten this up!

Teen Titans #61

I’m not sure what’s going on here quite yet. It feels like the team is getting ready for a shake up and with the new title Titans out it certainly looks like that will be the case. This issue has Kid Devil and Blue Beetle teaming up, reluctantly. it also draws a little on the Future titans stroy line a little. Coll forshadowing, but either resolve it or drop it I think. In any case if you are a fan of the titans, teen or otherwise this is a fun issue.


Urban Myths
Interesting idea, simliar to Prrof and Fables, yet unique and with it’s own voice. Myths of yore in a modern setting, Medusa’s son as a PI. Fun and I would read more.

Urban crime fiction, gangs teaming together to keep there home their own. A brilliant girl pools all the talents of her neighborhood together to keep the cops out and protect the people with out the cops. The bad guys seen as good guys. I like this first look and would read more.

An assassin and his business manger brother. fast paced action, interesting beginning. I like the art as well. This could be a winner.

Lady Pendragon
I feel like I walked into the middle of something with out getting the background on whats what. I know that this title has a history, but it left me cold.

The Core
Outer space with great art. I’m intrigued. i like well done cosmic and galactic stories and this could be an epic.

Twilight Guardian
This was a lot of fun, but I’m not sure it would work as more than a mini series. A nerdy weird girl who trains to be a crimefighter. No powers, but she patrols each night, keeps a diary and has tools to help her out. A very fun idea, but I don’t see it stying intersting for long wioth out some real shake up soon.

You can vote for two choices to go on to a full blown on going series.

Wildcats – Worlds End

An ongoing tale picks up with Worlds End as the Earth is left devastated and the heroes left are trying to make the best of it. Tis issue sees the Wildcats trying to help survivors of the catastrophe. The over all arc of this story has been fun and i know I plan to have all the trades and reread it all in one sitting once it wraps up