Author Work Space: David Corbett

Call it: Room Without a View.

work station 3

I wake up early to write and prefer having nothing to look at but the screen and the corner of the office behind it, the better to focus on what I’m imagining.
The more I read, write, and teach, the more I agree with what Victoria Strauss said recently on Jon Winokur’s AdviceToWriters website. “There’s only one rule of writing: there are no rules. Beware of anyone who tells you that there are.” It resonates with something Don Winslow once said: “If you can juggle five balls: great trick. One of them hits the ground? Not so great.” In other words: If it works, it works. I tell my students: I’m just suggesting questions to ask and approaches to consider. Not rules to obey. Swing for the fences. Be bold. If you’re not at least somewhat embarrassed by what you’re trying to do you’re not digging deep enough.

David Corbett
David, in addition to having a handsome bald noggin and being a great guy, is the author of five acclaimed novels, most the recent of which is THE MERCY OF THE NIGHT. His novels have won The Spinetingler Rising Star Award and have been nominated for the Anthony, Barry and Macavity awards.

In a previous life, David was a private investigator. That is right, David actually lived the life that most authors simply write about. While there has been no confirmation as to whether or not he wore a trench coat, he worked out of San Francisco so I think there is a good chance he donned one at least once in a while. For more info, head on over to his website.