Author Work Spaces: Radine Trees Nehring


After writing in all kinds of “Okay if I use this space now?” locations for a number of years, it was a wonder and a marvel to have an office of my own as part of our new home after we moved to Arkansas in 1988.  I immediately put up my “DO NOT DISTURB, Writer at Work” sign over the door and did, indeed, go to work. Bliss, and it sure made it easier to write every day since I didn’t have to clear up everything to set the breakfast table for a meal, or shove work to the side while my husband used our one desk for record-keeping and writing checks. My second “all for me” office is the one you see here after we moved from country homestead to city condo a couple of years ago. (I am sure you think I straightened my desk area for the photo, but gee, no. I wanted you to see it just as I do every day. Take that statement however you wish, and welcome to my office. For real.)

RadineTNehringRadine Trees Nehring
For more than twenty years, Radine Trees Nehrings magazine features, essays, newspaper articles, and radio broadcasts have shared colorful stories about the people, places, events, and natural world near her Arkansas home.

In 2002, Radine’s first mystery novel, A VALLEY TO DIE FOR, was published and, in 2003 became a Macavity Award Nominee.  Since that time, she has continued to earn writing awards as she enthralls her original fans and attracts new ones with her signature blend of down-home Arkansas sightseeing and cozy amateur sleuthing by active retirees Henry King and Carrie McCrite King. A PORTRAIT TO DIE FOR, her eighth mystery, came out earlier this year. She can be found on Facebook and Twitter.