Author Work Spaces: Joe Hart

My workspace. Love being able to look out either of my windows and see the trees, very inspiring and calming.

Another shot of my desk and chair.


The wall behind where I sit has this awesome cloth tapestry of the desert and a stormy sky. I love storms, so whenever I get stuck on a particular scene I’ll just spin around and get lost in the picture. Below it is my futon in case the writing wears me out too much and I have to take a nap.

The door to my office and two prints of my very favorite monsters.

The view outside my window. As soon as summer hits the leaves completely enclose our yard and it’s like a small sanctuary.


Joe Hart
Joe Hart was born and raised in northern Minnesota, where he still resides today. He’s been writing horror and thriller fiction since he was nine years old. He is the author of eight novels and numerous short stories, including the books The River Is Dark, Lineage, and The Waiting. When he’s not writing, Joe enjoys reading, working out, watching movies with his family, and spending time outdoors. His latest, THE LAST GIRL, was released in March from Thomas & Mercer. The sequel, THE FINAL TRADE, is scheduled for a September release.