Author Work spaces: Robert Masello

rm2“Okay, I’ll admit it — I actually cleaned up my desk a little bit from this photo. But what stayed the same is the Beatles postcards above my desk (they always cheer me up), the post-it notes all over the computer to remind me of things that I still manage to forget, and the bulletin board on my walls above the desk. I learned, from writing for TV at one time, to summarize each scene and then stick up an index card on the bulletin board. It makes it really easy to see the flow of the narrative at one glance, and to move things around when you have to.”

Robert Masello
Robert Masello is an award-winning journalist, television writer, and bestselling author of many novels and nonfiction books. His most recent novels, published in more than a dozen languages, include The Romanov Cross, The Medusa Amulet, and Blood and Ice. His guide to composition, Robert’s Rules of Writing, has been adopted in many college classrooms. His articles, essays, and reviews have appeared in prominent publications such as the Los Angeles Times, New York magazine, People, Newsday, and the Washington Post. A long-standing member of the Writers Guild of America, he has taught and lectured at colleges and universities nationwide, including the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. He also served as visiting lecturer in literature at Claremont McKenna College for six years. A native of Evanston, Illinois, he now lives and works in Santa Monica, California. His latest novel, THE EINSTEIN PROPHECY, is in stores now.

Near the end of World War II, an ancient Egyptian sarcophagus is brought to Princeton University for further study by army lieutenant and professor Lucas Athan. Assisted by archaeologist Simone Rashid, Lucas soon discovers that the box’s strange contents could hold the key to victory in the war – and possibly the downfall of mankind. As they uncover a connection between the mysterious relic and the work of Albert Einstein – then living in Princeton – Lucas and Simone must turn to both modern science and the power of the supernatural to save the world from potential destruction