AUTHOR WORK-SPACES: Burcell, Stanley and Loehfelm

Robin Burcell

Robin Burcell

Once again we look into the inner sanctum of authors.

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Robin Burcell:
I have two desks. One in the forefront is a treadmill desk (where I will one day install either a standing desk or a properly mounted keyboard. But it works for now!). In the mirror opposite it is my sitting desk. They are literally back-to-back. I move from one to the other quite often during the day. But to make sure that I put in at least a couple of miles walking, my email is only set up on the treadmill desk.




Kelli Stanley

Kelli Stanley:
Attached is a photo of a portion of one of my desktops. It requires explanation. šŸ™‚

My actual work is done on a computer station (and, eventually, a Trek Desk as soon as I can get some room in our much-too-small domicile). However, I have a rather old and dilapidated desk for thinking and inspiration that has, over the years, become more of an art installation than anything else. Because of the aforementioned space issues, I started storing gifts, souvenirs of travel and other inspirational tchotchkes on the many shelves of the desk–dating from when I was still working on my M.A.

It has since become loaded with specific writing charms both to inspire and protect me from writer’s block. My writing awards are on the bottom level, the Maltese Falcon (at least one of them) is on the top front corner, etc.

In the shot above, you’ll see a bust of Shakespeare, an unopened bottle (and figural decanter) of Old Crow bourbon (the bourbon is from the fabled Marquard’s Liquor Store in San Francisco), a 1940s table decoration from The Stork Club, a statue of Minerva from Rome, a Golden Age Wonder Woman action figure, a genuine crystal ball, Writer’s Remedy, a rubber turtle, an 18th century wooden candlestick from Florence, and a Barq’s rootbeer bottle and button doll from New Orleans … among other stuff.

All of it means something, and–despite the seemingly chaotic jumble–gives me comfort and calm when I’m developing a story idea. Eventually, I plan to get another desk (I’d like to combine workspaces and use the TrekDesk for email, Facebook, etc.), but the myriad charms and tchotchkes will be staying.


Bill Loehfelm

Bill Loehfelm:
Here ya go. Taken when the new book, DOING THE DEVIL’S WORK was in full swing last fall. Some interesting tidbits in there, including a framed photo of Hemingway’s (much neater) office from Key West, my later grandmother’s Murphy family crest mug, the Dr. Pepper T-shirt I stuff in the warped back door when it’s cold, and the Idea Monkey my wife brought me back from Mexico.