Banacek: The First Season

Banacek : The First Season
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Banacek started on the air in 1972 as part of NBC’s Wednesday Night Mystery Line up. It starred George Peppard as a Polish American detective who specialized in the recovery of things insured by a Boston Insurance Company. He made 10% of the value as hid

The show was created by Richard Levinson and William Link who also brought to the small screen such classics as Mannix (which is screaming for DVD release), Columbo and Ellery Queen.

Banacek (as a character) had it all, great clothes, wonderful cars, good looks, suave with the ladies who all wanted him and great detective skills. As a show Banacek also had it all. A great detective, interesting plots, some fun action ans wonderful location shots in
Boston. Banacek also had occasional help from a bookseller buddy named Felix Mulholland who owned a Rare bookstore and his chauffeur, a New Yorker who was a bit rougher around the edges.

It’s a fun show that holds up pretty well, and it is definitely a big part of the history of the Television PI.