Barry Eisler’s Rain Fall snags Gary Oldman.

Variety is reporting that Gary Oldman is about to sign on for the film version of Barry Eisler’s Rain Fall.

“John Rain kills people. For a living. His specialty: making it seem like death by natural causes. But he won’t kill just anyone. The target must be a principal player. And never a woman. Half American, half Japanese-but out of place in both worlds-Rain is filled with opportunities. John Rain may not be a good man, but he’s good at what he does…
Until he falls for the beautiful daughter of his last kill.”

While it does not state his role, it appears as though Oldman would be playing a villian, hardly something new for Mr. Oldman. Since John Rain is half-Japanese, I can’t see them trying to pass Oldman off as Rain.
Also cast is Kippei Shiina, a 43 year-old Japanese actor that has starred in over 30 films. Based on his age, might this be John Rain?

Max Mannix will handle both screenwriting and directing duties. Max’s first film, Dance of the Dragon, stars Jason Lee and will be released on May 15th.

The film will mainly be a Japanese language film, with “15% English dialogue.”