Arkhamvol1I am an unabashed fan of Batman, movies, toys, novels and especially comics. DC has been doing some comics based on some of the video games. I haven’t played the games yet because I suck at video games. But I have been reading the comics and this latest is awesome.

The previous two tie in comics in the Arkham trilogy lead into this, BATMAN ARKHAM KNIGHT Volume 1 by Peter Tomasi and Viktor Bogdanovic. Our story so far summed up quickly, Gotham has politicians who don’t always do what is best for Gotham, in this instance they turned part of the city into a dead drop for criminals, not unlike in Escape From New York. However, no Snake Plisken here because with Batman around you don’t need him. Batman has been working to end the prison zone known as Arkham City and he did so and along the way took out the Joker once and for all.

Arkham Knight opens with the city trying to right itself and as Bruce Wayne our hero is making strides in the direction. Meanwhile the Joker has left behind a few surprises for Gotham and his pal Batman. It’s an up hill struggle as Batman tries to keep the city safe and Bruce Wayne works with other Gothamites to repair their broken city.

Tomasi does a great job with this sequel to the game and I especially love the way he does the relationship between Batman and Alfred. I also think the art is top notch, Bogdanovic is showing us a city that is broken and he handles the action scenes especially well.

For me I love this kind of book, it is great if you’ve read the previous books in the Arkham game trilogy, but it works just fine on its own as well. For a long time batman fan this is an extremely satisfying read, like a big steak grilled just right it left me full but still hoping for more.