Batman Faces

A reissue of this wonderful trade collection of a story by Matt Wagner that originally ran in Legends of the Dark Knight 28-30 is timely of course because of Mr. Dent’s appearance in the new movie. However this is a story that really should remain in print because it is so damn good. The art by Wagner is breathtaking and I love the story. Joe Lansdale points out in his introduction that this sees Batman doing Detective work not just avenging crime. And he’s right, that is a big part of why this story rocks. But it is also the insight into the crazy sad world that Two Face lives in. Torn between right and wrong and especially here, he’s actually trying to do what he considers a good thing. of course the point is that only he thinks its a good thing, and he’s willing to lie cheat steal and kill to do it.
I also like that this story doesn’t play so heavily into the whole “Batman tortured by former friend turned evil” schtick which feels a little heavy handed at times.

Wagner created a noir Batman in both look and feel and I for one would welcome him back on this Icon’s writing staff anytime.